Membership: BASIC
Status:  Active
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Weight:260 lbs
Jacket:50 Neck:17.5 Sleeve:33 
Waist:44 Inseam:30 Shoe:10.5 


Special Skills
Skills are rated using the following system:
0 = Never, 1 = Beginner (a few times), 2 = Intermediate, 3 = Good/Confident, 4 = Excellent/Pro

Baseball (3), Basketball (2), Bicycling (3), Billiards (4), Bowling (4), Boxing (4), Dancing (3), Dancing: Country/Line (2), Dancing: Waltz (4), Dancing: Ballroom (2), Fencing (4), Fishing (4), Football (2), Hackey-sack (2), Hiking (3), Horsemanship (3), Horsemanship: Western (3), Jet Skiing (3), Martial Arts: Judo (3), Martial Arts: Karate (3), Martial Arts: Kung-Fu (3), Mime (2), Motorcycles (2), Motorcycles: Street (2), Motorcycles: Dirt (2), Rollerskating (2), Rollerblading (2), Singing (2), Swimming (3), Tennis (3), Trampoline (2), Volleyball (3), Weapons/Firearms (4), Wrestling (2), Martial Arts: Tae Kwon Do (3), Martial Arts (3), Martial Arts: Aikido (3), Martial Arts: Jiu Jitsu (2), Martial Arts: Tai Chi (3), Martial Arts: Kickboxing (3), Improvisation (4), Running (3), Fly Fishing (3), Athletic (3), Horseback Riding (3), Clowning (2)

Comment on Skills:
"Action Essentials for Film Actors"-Kendall Wells. Studio trained: Jesse Lee Vint Studio, Portland Film Actors Studio-Randall Paul. Scene Work: Adv. On-Camera Techniques for Film(pacing,framing, lighting,continuity...etc) Improv, Playing Twister while saying scene lines. Nanpor Security Academy-Oceanside, California. Ex Volunteer at Lan Su Chinese Garden.
Australian, British, Irish, Russian, Scottish, New Yorker
Talent Agency, Security, Sheet metal, ASST. Manager G.N.C. (Health foods), Forklift/Reach Operator, Stocker/Cashier. Ex Airport-Security Palomar Airport, CA. ASST. Manager (G.N.C.)Cashier, Stocker, Forklift/Reach Operator. Farm name it. Antique sword Refurbisher/Artificier (Oriental Damascus)/collector. Current Occupation: Professional Actor
Place of Employment: Undisclosed Feature Film
On-Camera No Dialogue, On-Camera Dialogue, Professional Extra, Amateur Acting, Professional Acting
In 2012, Andrew auditioned, performed, and subsequently interned for The AMMS talent agency competition in Vancouver Mall performing on-stage. With Andrew's natural mimicking skill, -especially various voice and celebrity impressions and enough feedback, Andrew felt strongly enough to pursue acting permenently but where? Andrew found a booming film industry in Portland. Hunting-down gigs, Andrew landed Featured, Special Guest Star, Lead, and starring roles, such as on TNT's TV Series Leverage "The Low Low Price Job"(5x11) as "Paramedic" opposite main cast Christian Kane, Feature Film Let's Bury The Hatchet(Deep in Your Face) as "Schlitz", and more recently in the feature Deep Dark as a "Street Auction Bidder" opposite Guest Star Don Alder. Andrew received his formal training under Jesse Vint, Randall Paul at The Portland Film Actors Studio and has been cast consistently in Film, TV, Commercial, and Music Video. Demo Reel:

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